Newport Demographic Report

Suburb: Newport Municipality: Hobsons Bay Median Age: 36 Newport is located 8km south-west of the CBD.  Newport is a major industrial suburb in Melbourne’s west, featuring the Newport Power Station and part of the BP and Shell fuel depots.  The suburb is dominated by rail, with Newport being a juction for the Werribee and Williamstown […]

Yarraville Demographic Report

Suburb: Yarraville Municipality: Maribyrnong Median Age: 36 Yarraville is located 7km west of the CBD.  Yarraville is a mixed-use suburb with significant industries, such as Mobil and Pivot Fertilisers, straddling the Yarra River in the east and the Stony Creek in the south.  The suburb also features the C.J. Cruickshank Park, the Yarraville Oval, Beaton […]

Williamstown Demographic Report

Suburb: Williamstown Municipality: Hobsons Bay Median Age: 39 Williamstown is located 8 km south-west of the CBD.  Williamstown is a mixed-use, bayside suburb located on the western side of Port Phillip Bay. The suburb has gentrified over the last decade, and today, has become a popular place for tourists due to its historical maritime heritage, […]