New web site

Compton & Green launches its new web site, new generation social media marketing, come visit.

Office Profile

Compton & Green was conceived by Thomas Duncan Compton and Edgar Charles Green back in the 1920’s. The founding partners established their new company just before a time of great economic upheaval for the world with the Wall Street Crash and subsequent Depression. But despite difficult conditions, the business survived, even through the trials of […]

Newport Demographic Report

Suburb: Newport Municipality: Hobsons Bay Median Age: 36 Newport is located 8km south-west of the CBD.  Newport is a major industrial suburb in Melbourne’s west, featuring the Newport Power Station and part of the BP and Shell fuel depots.  The suburb is dominated by rail, with Newport being a juction for the Werribee and Williamstown […]

Yarraville Demographic Report

Suburb: Yarraville Municipality: Maribyrnong Median Age: 36 Yarraville is located 7km west of the CBD.  Yarraville is a mixed-use suburb with significant industries, such as Mobil and Pivot Fertilisers, straddling the Yarra River in the east and the Stony Creek in the south.  The suburb also features the C.J. Cruickshank Park, the Yarraville Oval, Beaton […]