• February 27, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action!

The Scene Unfolds

Posters and stickers of films vivify the walls, quirky trinkets, classic soundtracks and various lighting comes into play – you could be forgiven for thinking you were on a buzzing film. So what is the plot? The enclosed scene is set in the arty district of Kingsville at 206 Somerville Road where a micro cafe has been brought to life by Owner aka Screen Writer, Sean Smith (the star of the show!)


“This is my first café and I opened it with my wife. I’ve done a bit of chefing in the past but I’m actually a Screenwriter so that’s why we have this cinematic aspect. We thought Kingsville needed a simple and magic place, that’s why we decided to open Helter Skelter.  It’s a microcafe where consistent good coffee and interesting unique small food is a promise. We do amazing bagels and specialty jaffles.

Where does the name derive from?  Helter Skelter was a traditional fairground ride in Europe, my wife is from Britain and my 15-year-old daughter was born there too. We were on holiday at one of the fun fairs and there was a big Helter Skelter there so we thought, oh yeah that’s a good name for it. Being from an arts background, I love the edgy aspect of Kingsville and people are  generally up for conversations. Being a Screen Writer is a hard job and can be isolating so running a cafe is the perfect foil as it gives you social exposure and out of the confines of the stir crazy aspect of being in your room.”

A round of applause to a bustling venue making a proud debut in Kingsville’s growing cafe culture. Cram into a tight setting where a constant stream of locals flow in and out. The community feel of this cafe is second to none and in typical Melbourne fashion, the lattes do not disappoint.