• March 20, 2014

Tracing back to yesteryear, Compton Green first opened its door in 1926 and 12 years later, the Sun glory was brought to life by a single screen 1050 seat cinema. These two long standing businesses united together on Wednesday night as the prestigious Jack Green award was held at the utterly charming Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

There was a hush of anticipation in the crowd of 140 loyal clients and staff as Director of Compton Green, Adrian Butera addressed how prestigious the award is. “This award celebrates the success of one of the longest established Real Estate Agencies in Victoria and Jack Green, the son of one of the founders of Compton Green. The award is all about recognising an individuals unwavering commitment to company, customer and community. I don’t usually get nervous but this is such an significant achievement and I am so proud to announce that Traci Charles is the award winner,” he said.

An Insiders Perspective with
2013 Jack Green Award Winner, Pauline Spilsbury

Q:What’s it like working with Traci?
P:Traci’s always so entertaining as I love her sense of humour and the office never feels boring in her presence! You can chat with her about absolutely everything as she has such an open and down to earth personality. Traci’s energy is so infectious and she truly has a heart of gold.  She seems to have a “won’t rest until the job is done” attitude.

Q:How would you describe her as an agent?
P:Traci seems to make friends with absolutely every person she encounters. She creates strong relationships, it’s not purely just about business but she goes above and beyond. Most importantly, she’s an enthusiastic ‘people person’ who loves providing clients with attentive customer care. You can definitely see how she finds each different sale as interesting and rewarding as the next. She is highly sympathetic to how stressful and emotional the process of selling or buying a home can be.

Q:What does she  bring to the company?
P:When I think of Traci, the first word which springs to mind is her sense of humour and she often has me in fits of laughter.  It would be a very quiet office if Traci wasn’t here and I definitely know when she’s not around.

Q:How does she contribute to the community?
P:Traci is always helping out at our events and she’s involved in Rotary. She’s a true local who builds lifelong relationships. In other words, she’s a social butterfly who really makes her mark in the community, especially Yarraville Village because absolutely everyone knows her (it’s almost like a celebrity status!)

Q:Last year you were in the position of winning the prestigious Jack Green Award. How do you think Traci was feeling?
P:I felt so humbled when winning so I’m sure she would have had this feeling. She really deserved it as she’s such a hard worker and brings so much to Compton Green. I could see how surprised she looked when receiving it and she was lost for words which is not like Traci!

Q:Describe Traci in five words?
P: Funny, bubbly, charismatic, cheeky, honest.

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