• May 1, 2014

Jazz Resonates in the West

A couple of years ago when Jazz Cafe debuted on Ferguson Street in Williamstown, the idea that this may be a musical place playing relaxed rhythmic beats is a thought which naturally popped into the mind. However, Jasmina explains with a laugh the meaning behind her café which is a reflection of herself as it’s welcoming with a definite relaxed vibe. “I’ve even been asked the question, do you host a jazz night? Back when I was a Manager at Hobsons Choice, the chef, Katie used to say that my name was too long so she called me Jazz. People were suggesting that I call my cafe something like Olympia but in the end Jazz was such a perfect fit,” she explained.

The reason that this is a gem of a cafe is because it is not often you actually find a place where the owner takes the time to take a genuine interest in every person. Walk into this cafe and the cheerful, wonderfully domestic warmth of this cafe  taps into a wide demographic of people in the Inner West; catering for the post morning crowd as well as lunch diners. Best of all, Jasmina always takes care of Compton Green’s endless cravings as a few items on the menu includes homemade scones, cakes, coffee while fresh juice (fruit is even from her farm!) and salads are thrown in for good measure.

According to Jasmina, her style is more casual with takeaway coffees as she wants everyone to feel at home.“A lot of customers like to chat with me. I know all their life stories and I become good friends with many of them where even outside of work we catch up. Customers often come to me for advice about life issues as well. My 20-year-old and 17-year-old kids are constantly asking how do you know that person as I am constantly approached on the street which is lovely. Williamstown is such a stunning area and people genuinely care about me and the business.”

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