• May 29, 2014

5 Minutes with Frank Trieu

Frank Trieu’s uplifting personality is infectious because throughout the interview he constantly laughs, even pulls out the Western Bulldogs scarf and when making a comment about the instrumental relaxed music in the background, he does a rock’n’roll dance at the table.  Frank’s been serving authentic Chinese cuisine at Lion Dance which is situated at 5 Ferguson Street, Williamstown for the past 30 years and he kindly took time out of his schedule to reflect on his successful business.

Tell me about day one…“In May 1984 we opened straight after Mother’s Day and it’s a family business as my wife works here and my brother has been cooking in the kitchen since day one. The people are genuinely nice in Williamstown and they have become friends over the years.”

The best part of Lion Dance…“We only serve authentic Chinese ranging from Peking Duck to a variety of dumplings and we constantly receive raving reviews.”

What’s your favourite dish to cook…“I just like cooking scrambled eggs. Haha just joking!”

Your favourite dish at Lion Dance…“Definitely the sizzling steak and it’s very popular.”

Outside of work…“I enjoy going to the football as I’m an avid doggies supporter! I enjoy travelling as well and I like to go away a couple of weeks each year.”

Your favourite Williamstown landmark…“I absolutely love The Strand and just looking at the stunning view.  There’s also many exciting plans on the way as someone has just told me that The Prince Albert is going to be taken over by Peter Evans while George Calombaris is going to open up The Hellenic Republic.”

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