• July 5, 2014

Chapter Closes for Williamstown Author

A set of two characters played their part in bidding and shaped a riveting auction conclusion for Author, June Laurie at 43 Park Crescent in Williamstown. “We are ecstatic! I’ve just published my first young adult book this year, Blake Collider – Into Thin Air and now selling our abode has put us in great spirits. We have lived here for the past 20 years and all the kids are grown up so now it’s time to move on. One of my kids was over in Columbia and viewed the whole auction on skype!” she excitedly said.

Prior to the auction’s commencement, a sizeable crowd stood commandingly on the tree-lined street  where Auctioneer, Adrian Butera fired up the architectural story where land size dimensions were the theme.  “1132m2 in total area so this is one of the most glorious house sites Williamstown has to offer and is one of the largest or more affordable allotments you could find. You could either develop, restore or enjoy the current spaces. Will you build a dream home, pool or four car garage with the appropriate approvals?” he said. Highly entertaining, the numbers continued to spike up as two bidders hotly contested and this home went under the hammer with a round of applause for $1,312,000 while the marketed quote range was $1,200,000-$1,300,000.

Next on the agenda, Senior Sales Executive and Partner, Traci Charles achieved a record price for Brooklyn on the busy strip of 565-567 Geelong Road where four bidders fought for this art deco home. With the chatter of the crowd of approximately 50 people, the scene was set in the garage to shield the crowd of enthusiastic onlookers away from the disruption of traffic. Auctioneer, Adrian Butera painted a vivid picture of the potential. “This is all about the block of land and the simple sheer size we have to offer. If you’re not here for the house, you’re here because it sits on 1399m2 of land approximately. If you look on google earth it looks like two blocks together,” he said. Four bidders brought the auction to life and with fierce competition, this well loved home of 13 years marketed as “Charm, Proportions and Possibilities” went under the hammer for a record result of…drumroll…1,005,000 while the marketed quote range was $700,000 plus.

Williamstown Author, June Laurie celebrated the result with her cherished family.
Her favourite part of the home? “It’s the memories,” she said.



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