• August 30, 2014

Auction Highlights:

Drive in Auction Excites Audience

It was an auction with a handbrake on, handbrake off and finally indicators signalled the end of bidding for one shy family. The auction held at 158 Mcintosh Road in Altona North had a car parked directly outside and the shy bidders stayed in the comfort of their car while Sales Executive, John Luong raised his hand up.  Multiple bidders were out in force and competitively vying for this three bedroom, one bathroom home which features a landscaped sunny garden. Auctioneer, Adrian Butera from the start kept highlighting the value of this property and the position. “Cross the road and you’re at Bunnings! Shoppers take note that you can centre your lifestyle as Altona Gate and The Circle Shops are only moments away,” he said. The first hand signalling interest was at $410,000 and within 10 minutes it escalated up to $430,00, $440,000, $442,000, $457,000, $459,000, $460,000, $461,000, $462,000, (handbrake off for the car family!) and the sequence continued until it was declared sold to the first young bidder for $466,000 (the car drove quickly off.)

Bidders Line Up for the Race

Behind an unassuming facade lies a home for the style conscious! This two bedroom property is where the move in and immediately enjoy scenario is a reality for first home buyers, investors or downsizers seeking a home which adopts a chic modern mood. Quietly nestled from the street, this immaculately renovated home exudes light filled interiors, unmistakable style and convenience. Auctioneer, Nathan Johnson grabbed the attention right from the start by painting an attractive picture of the peaceful lifestyle beckoning inside. “The endless stream of sunlight and the atmosphere makes this a home to come into after a busy day. Imagine having a wine or simply putting your feet up here,” he said. This auction for 7/31 Elizabeth Street, Newport was fast paced right from the beginning and so the series of numbers effortlessly trended upwards and reached the climax of $497,000.

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