• September 13, 2014

Ford Focus

When in a riptide sometimes the only way to survive the fighting currents is by raising a hand up. One final gesture signalled that the end was over and tears automatically streamed down Anna’s face as she hugged her auction lifeline, Glenn. They were in a state of elation after purchasing the charming weatherboard positioned at 18 Ford Street, Newport which sold for $651,000. “We just adore the beautiful period features and we are going to keep the integrity of the past here by leaving the property in its original condition,” Anna said.

Before entering the various currents which clashed opposingly for over 20 minutes, Auctioneer, Nathan Johnson described the success in Ford Street. “This area has proven to be a wonderful place to live in. The home today is original and very honest but the scope for extending (STCA) makes the opportunity even more exciting. The schools, endless shops and Newport Lakes Reserve are all within easy reach. Newport is about families,” he explained.

Drawing a large crowd of approximately 80, the onlookers stood in the safety of the established street and it was only a couple of seconds before the first bid was launched at $580,000, followed by $590,000 and then an Auctioneers’ worst fear, silence. Nathan declared that dentristy is not his profession so he should not have to extract bids and the crowd must have agreed as numbers started trending upwards. The vendors, Alison and Dennis were clearly delighted with the end result and wished the new buyers well. “Enjoy your new home! You’re going to love it,” Dennis said.

In the past 12 months Compton Green has sold:

1 Ford Street, Newport sold for $717,000.
19 Ford Street, Newport sold for $880,000.
38 Ford Street, Newport sold for $806,000.
57 Ford Street, Newport- Undisclosed.
61 Ford Street, Newport- $780,000.
64 Ford Street, Newport sold for $820,000.
18 Ford Street, Newport sold for $651,000.

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