• May 2, 2015

Step Into 3D Inspections

Walk through open for inspections from the comfort of your home! Compton Green is the first in the area to adopt 3D floorplans, allowing potential buyers to navigate through a property so they feel like they are standing inside.

Melbourne based company, Scann3D brought one of Compton Green’s listings to life at 42 Parker Street in Williamstown recently and we are blown away by the results. Viewers can walk from room to room, look up, down and behind themselves as if they are in the property. Compton Green’s Managing Director, Adrian Butera believes 3D will change the face of real estate. “Buying a property is a significant life event and this advanced technology makes the process just so much easier. Often buyers forget what a particular room looks like after inspection and 3D allows a potential buyer to revisit again and again. It enables them to have a real feel of the property,” he said.

Scann3D’s Co-founder & CFO, Steven Kounnas has added 3D real estate floorplans onto his company’s services in the last eight months. “3D saves buyers so much time as they don’t have to spend all weekend attending time consuming open for inspections. They can really narrow down exactly which properties they want to inspect. It works out to benefit everyone! Agents will see more qualified buyers while for buyers, it makes buying a home that little less frightening,” he explained.

Step into 42 Parker Street, Williamstown: https://api.scann3d.com.au/players/comptongreen/42parkerst3016/?autoload

There is even a doll house option!

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