• November 20, 2012

With Owner, Bobby Green

Q: In five words, how would you describe Duchess of Spotswood?

A: “Elegant, English, warm, clean, friendly.”

Q: How did you decide on the name, “Duchess of Spotswood”?

A: “Andy the Head Chef is from England and so it is a play on old English wording. We think the name gives it an air of elegance.”

Q:How long have you been opened?

A: “2.5 years since late 2009.”

Q: Describe the menu?

A: “It’s modern English and very classic as we do food such as black pudding and seared ox tongues. We have a focus on offal which means we use as much of the animal as we can, especially pig. It’s a really meaty focused menu which proves to be extremely popular but we also have vegetarian options. People often come here for the full meat eating experience.”

Q: How busy have you been lately?

A: “Very. We have wait lists on the weekend. We have a courtyard out the back so if the weather is good, this place get very full epically. Especially on the weekend between 9am-1pm.”

Q: Why do you think you are so busy?

A: “Our reputation as the food is phenomenal. Spotswood is very up and coming. We also have a product that works and in the coffee scene, we do an extremely good job. The food is absolutely exquisite. “

Q: What makes you standout?

A: “We care and are definitely food focused. We do extraordinary coffee but it’s really all about providing unbelievable, quality food.”

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: “If people come to Spotswood, they usually come here. It’s all about the experience which we give. It’s not your simple café food, we don’t try to simplify it, we try to make it complicated and delicious. We use amazing quality food and try to source it from local providers. Most importantly, we are all friends here and customers can feel the relaxed, warm atmosphere from the moment they step inside.”

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