• September 6, 2013

A Three Way Dedication

It’s the end of the working week and while many people may contemplate relaxing or indulging in a few wines, Seaholme resident, Maria Smith has momentarily stopped in her tracks for this interview. Tonight she is running 11kms and the other day she travelled on foot from the CBD to Seaholme (it took over two hours and she didn’t stop once!) Maria is in vigorous training for one of the largest marathons in the world, The ING New York City Marathon which will be held on the 3rd November 2013 and her mission is to raise $7,500 for The Heart Foundation.

As Maria sits on a couch in her Seaholme abode which captures incredible water views, she recollects the three terrible events or as she calls them ‘signs’ which led to her decision to compete in the marathon. Maria lost a family friend who was in his 50’s to a heart condition and also one of her friend’s sons recently had a monitor put inside his heart. “Also when I found out that my friend and ex colleague from Compton Green, Pauline Spilsbury lost her dad to a heart condition last year, I really felt for her. Even though Pauline is over 18 and doesn’t need her dad for the everyday basics, she is too young not to have him around and I was incredibly sad for her. She’s such a lovely person.”

In preparation, Maria has been doing between 65-75kms a week, training over five to six days. “I have a two hour lunch break at work. They have a gym around the corner and I often go around Port Melbourne. The funny thing is running has never come naturally to me as once I couldn’t even run 5kms. My personal trainer kept saying add another km on each week. Then all I was doing was running around on the weekend!”

“Given I only intend to run one marathon I thought I might as well run in one of the world’s largest and most iconic marathons. I’m more excited than nervous and have made sure we have booked apartments without stairs just in case I’m struggling after!”

Did you know? Heart disease is the number one killer of men, women and children. Please support this amazing woman’s mission.



Maria Smith at the Hunter Valley after completing a half marathon

Pauline Spilsbury and her late father

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