• December 11, 2013

While it’s early afternoon (2pm exact) in Melbourne, 17304 kilometres across the ocean it would be Siesta time where everyone hides away from the brutal heat to have a long tapas lunch, a wine and perhaps a nap. In the leafy streetscape at 22 Madden Street in Maidstone, you can easily imagine doing all of the above as this Spanish home dubbed “Noremac” has the feeling of being on slow time and so adapting to the legendary Mediterranean way of life feels completely natural.


The Spanish Way of Life…

1. Make Tapas (Tapas are small savoury dishes, typically served with drinks at a bar.) A sun-filled gourmet kitchen featuring stunning splashback and Lofra oven makes preparing Tapas a pleasure.

2.Siesta Time. While the idea of catching up on sleep is seriously tempting, you may end up being fired (so don’t blame me if you decide to partake in this activity.) The accommodation up for offer is three double bedrooms fitted out with built-in-robes surrounding a sophisticated bathroom with a double vanity and temperature control unit (for when it’s time to refresh and have a shower before heading back to work.)

3. Bullfighting. Let’s leave this one out.

4. Flamenco (This is a Spanish art form made up of guitar playing, song, dance and blasts of vibrant colour.) If you decide to partake in this romantic style of dance then kick up your heels in the luxurious large living area where the stage is set! Chandeliers and a vibrant outlook to the outdoors provides a relaxing backdrop. If the room hasn’t heated up enough with your handsome partner, turn up the temperature with the fireplace. Otherwise, pump up the tunes of Ricky Martin’s Spanish song, ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ if that’s more your style.

5. Sangria and Paella. What could be more Spanish? Bi-fold doors open into a north facing  garden bordered by a modern landscape and entertainer’s deck. This truly is a fabulous alfresco haven. Buen apetito!


“How beautiful it is to rest and then do nothing afterward.” Spanish Proverb.

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