• January 9, 2014

Google Facts

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1. The name ‘Google’ was an accident as the original founders wanted to call it ‘Googol.’

2. Over the years, the founders still prefer and insist to keep the home page simple and they insist that the words on the homepage do not exceed 28 words.

3. In 2013, Google gets the most search requests for Nelson Mandel, Paul Walker, iPhone 5, Cory Monteith, Harlem Shak, Boston Marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung Galaxy S, PlayStation 4, North Korea.

4. Google’s unofficial slogan says “Don’t be evil”. Google tries hard to contribute to the good causes, be it humanitarian or environmental.

5. Google estimates that an ad on its homepage would cost around $10 million but the page is still not for sale. The founders of the company want to keep the page as it started years ago.

6. The Google homepage can also be viewed in the language of Klingon (from Star Trek), in case the aliens attack the world and need Google to navigate through the situation.

7. 620 million users visit www.google.com daily. Does that number stand for half the world’s population? Maybe not, but it definitely stands for almost all the people who use the Internet.

8. During the Egypt crisis in the year 2011-2012, Google worked with Twitter to provide people without an Internet connection to send Tweets by dialing a phone number and leaving a message. This voicemail was automatically translated into messages on Twitter.

9. Up to 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertisements.

10. There are some people who believe if you cannot find something on Google then it does not exist.

11.In April 2004, Google announced to open a research facility on the moon, called Googlunaplex.

Source: www.steegle.com.

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