• September 6, 2012

Iain Munro, a Scottish-born hospitality worker dreamt in his early teens of owning a “successful little cake shop.” A few years out of school, he then falls in love with an Australian girl and they decide to make the move to Oz to fill their aspirations of opening up their own local café.

Iain’s story unfolds over a cup of coffee at his popular and thriving café, “The Cornershop” which has been running for four years and is positioned at 9 Ballarat Street in Yarraville. “I love it on days like this when it is sunny and relaxed. Knowing local faces and catering for their needs is what it’s all about,” he explained.

It’s Iain’s customer focus, love of fresh Middle Eastern ingredients and Mediterranean which has made the café a busy, customer hot spot. People continue to flow in and out of the café which boasts a warm, intimate setting and is really an exceptional place to watch the world go by or drop into after going to The Sun Theatre which is across the road.

The secret ingredients to Iain’s success? “I think all you have to look to do is be consistent and continue to provide quality coffee. The strong connection between my head chef and I is great. A decade of making coffees in the area has been a very rewarding career. Everything is going really well,” he smiled.

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