• December 6, 2012

“People who enter into “The Famous Blue Raincoat” are challenged in an aesthetic sense as many people haven’t experienced a venue quite like it.” James Wakeling.

If you like unpretentious and quirky places, with the vibe of Brunswick, then “The Famous Blue Raincoat,” an authentic musical cafe is bound to impress.  It’s a little gem tucked away in quiet suburbia, South Kingsville where popular rock and jazz beats have become a hit with the locals.

Cluttered and adorned with a colourful, bohemian décor, this place is a mirage of charm with its relaxed dining room, including a warm fireplace spot, art-filled walls and secret outdoor garden for those summery vino sessions.

James Wakeling was once  a wedding singer and while this gifted musician loved performing, he needed a challenge and so opened “The Blue Raincoat”  with a  friend,                                                                                                                              Kaz, nine years ago.

“It’s all about the bonds which are formed. Watching the life changes of my customers and children grow up, it’s all so very rewarding. The role in which this restaurant plays in the community is significant, some people come every day, every week, every fortnight. And musically, there have been some absolutely fantastic nights,” he explained.

James often takes centre stage along with singers renowned for their glory days, including, just to name a few, Deborah Conway,  Ross Hannaford (guitarist in Daddy Cool) and Steven Cummings. “On a busy night we may do                                                      fourty, fifty or sixty covers,” he said.

As for the menu and wine list? “Quinoa salad (grain) is a fairly popular grain alternative. I also recommend the chicken parmigiana, summertime salads and tapas menu.  There is also a short  but very well considered wine list from                                                        a mixed region,” he said.

This unassuming musical oasis is a way to wonderfully slip away from the world.

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