• October 19, 2012

Compton Green Director, Adrian Butera’s unwavering commitment and passion to the real estate industry was recognised last night as he has been awarded with the prestigious role, Senior Vice President of The Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

President of The Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Neville Sanders has warmly welcomed Adrian Butera into the new position. “He has been elected due to his impressive level of experience and ethical behavior. Adrian is an intelligent individual who upholds high standards for his company and staff which he then imparts onto a board level,” he said.

Adrian is thrilled about the role and looks forward to the next 12 months. “I am really excited to hold this position and look forward to extending my involvement in the industry,” he explained.

Stepping into this new role is a tremendous achievement as the REIV Board’s 11 Directors voted for Adrian to take the next step up in his flourishing career. “To put this into perspective, there are three office bearers at the REIV which are President, Senior Vice President and Vice President so it is a great recognition,” Neville said.

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