• March 19, 2012

With the current upheaval of political agendas circulating around Australia at the moment, it is refreshing to come across a down-to-earth individual such as Williamstown MP, Wade Noonan. Wade was elected to the Victorian Parliament to represent the seat of Williamstown District in September 2007 following the retirement of long serving Victorian Premier and Williamstown MP, Steve Bracks.  A passion for initiating policy and change combined with a love for the local community is the reason why he initially wanted to enter the world of politics.

“Often it is role models who inspire us,” remarked Wade. Renowned politicians, Joan Kirner, Nicola Roxon and Steve Bracks are individuals which he respects greatly. “They have the fundamental qualities which make up a successful politician including integrity and a real desire to initiate change.”  At the age of 35, Wade switched his career from the union movement into politics because he wanted to make a profound difference to the lives of others.

Wade is working with a number of organisations to assist young people reach their potential through the YMCA’s Bridge Project. This important project aims to rehabilitate young people and assist them in gaining sustainable employment. “It is the community aspect which I love the most about being an MP. Making a genuine difference is what my job is all about,” he said.

Education is of paramount importance to Wade which is why he constantly advocates for more funding in this area. “Over the last ten years, local schools in the area have received more than $50 million to improve their facilities with the highlight being major rebuilds of Williamstown High School and Bayside College. Every child deserves the best possible education,” he said.

Due to the growth of the western suburbs, Wade explained how there is an ongoing need for the State Government to invest in the area. “The population in the west is growing very rapidly so we really need to ensure that funding continues to flow for our  health system, schools and a number of other basic services. We desperately need a truck action plan to steer away the heavy congestion of trucks in Yarraville and I’m disappointed that the State Government has shelved the 40 million dollars which the previous State Government allocated to this project,” he said.

Six years ago Wade moved to Williamstown and he fell in love with the region instantly as he particularly likes the seaside, village feel and heritage buildings. “I’m quite protective of Williamstown. We have the most magnificent views, peace and tranquility with being by the bay,” he explained.

Wade explained how many people travel from afar to enjoy everything the western suburbs has to offer as there are numerous attractions. “The Substation Centre for Art and Culture in Newport showcases exceptional art and is one of the western suburb’s best kept secrets. I also love Newport Lakes Park  as it is an absolutely wonderful sanctuary for nature lovers. While in Yarraville there is a cosmopolitan feel and spectacular buildings,” he said.

Outside of work, Wade loves spending time with his family as he is a parent of two energetic young boys. “I’m a long distance runner. Last year I ran my 10th marathon which was 42 kilometres long. I love running training, spending time with family and I’m a member of the Western Bulldogs and Williamstown Football Clubs,” he said.

Wade hopes to be involved in politics for years to come. “This is my one chance to make a difference. Being an MP is really a unique opportunity to leave a mark on the local community and state,” he said.

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