• July 26, 2012

Always embracing innovation, Compton Green launched a new mobile website earlier this month at our annual Project Day. Smartphone users (iPhones, IPads, androids) can now tap onto the company’s website, www.comptongreen.com.au. In early 2011, 20% of people looked through Safari and 80%  clicked onto Internet Explorer. Today a groundbreaking 70% look through Safari.

Compton Green’s Director,  Brad Carlin-Smith explained how the new website will significantly impact positively on the business. “The new website will really broaden our exposure. Research shows that people using apple devices has quadrupled in the last 12 months and so Compton Green is moving with the times.”

Another interesting statistic highlights how Compton Green continues to evolve. In June 2011, the average time someone spent on our website was 3:13 while in June 2012 it was 4:36.  Stay tuned because there are also more exciting developments along the way. Make Change!

Compton Green’s Financial Controller, Heather Thomas

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