“Shop Front Homes” Tempt Buyers In
  • July 7, 2015


A large crowd of buyers across Melbourne are brushing their toes over historical floorboards to keenly inspect the traditional “Shop Front Home.” According to Real Estate Institute of Victoria CEO, Enzo Raimondo, shop front homes are a magnetic attraction for buyers across Melbourne. “Across the inner areas of Melbourne, these shops are increasingly being converted to residences and are passed on to future generations to live in and enjoy. They are popular for their historical value and often long-term connection to the local community,” he said.

Compton Green has just listed a shop front home for sale in 142 Stephen Street, Yarraville. Between 1883 and 1898, the shop front was a newsagency and belonged to Yarraville pioneer, James Palmer. The front shop is now used as a family’s living area and has a rustic period ambience due to the extensive timber panelling. Beyond the shop front, the home continues to captivate in what feels like a never-ending hallway forming the spine of the residence and branching off are three charm-filled bedrooms.  Outdoors, a majestical garden backdrop and wrap around deck completes a compelling picture.

The owner of 142 Stephen Street, Yarraville, Annie Healy reflects how she felt when journeying through her grand shop front home 13 years ago. “I still remember the feeling of excitement when walking into my home for the very first time. Big and beautiful are the words which immediately came to mind. People also don’t often realise that there is a home and shop front all in the one. I love the element of surprise,” she explained.

This style of architecture was not initially on Annie’s search criteria but she now admits to  being a shop front fan. “The shop front is one of my favourite parts of the home. The sheer size is fantastic and it is a room for absolutely every occasion. We use it as the living area and it’s perfect for the whole family as the five of us love sitting on the couch at the end of the day watching a movie. I also love the endless sunlight which hits every corner of our home while the outdoor garden and deck during Summer is fantastic. The character rich bathroom is also a favourite,” she said.

Compton Green is quoting $850,000 plus and the auction of 142 Stephen Street, Yarraville is scheduled for the 1st August at 12pm. View this beautiful property: https://comptongreen.com.au/listings/details/8301929

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