• January 15, 2013

"I specifically go to Spotswood five days a week as I'm in love with a cafe, Duchess of Spotswood. It has such amazing coffee, especially the breakfast menu-Prince of Wales is my favourite dish." Nikki.

"Spotswood is such a nice, family friendly place and I think it is great for little kids, especially because of Science Works which is a huge attraction." Tonie & Austin.

"This is our first time here! We are really excited about visiting Scienceworks. Just have to find it! Elaine, Liz and Fiona.

"Spotswood is an up and coming place, I truly believe it is the new Yarraville. It has such a friendly vibe and many people travel from afar to enjoy Duchess of Spotswood." Sarah "Spotswood has such a close-knit community vibe and I love the trees as well as the close proximity to the beach." Tim

"I actually moved from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland to Spotswood and I'm loving the beautiful gardens especially the roses, cute cottages and it's such a safe environment." Harper and Kam

"The area just keeps getting better and better! It's a great place to work." Jimmy.

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