• November 29, 2012

With just four weeks to go until Christmas, the pressure is on to choose where to source quality produce. Two Hopper’s Crossing retailers, “Sumthin Fishy” and “The Dry Aged Meat Co” are busy preparing for the Christmas rush and we caught up with them for advice on what to purchase for the festive season.

For owner of “Sumthin Fishy,” Anthony Tedesco, seafood is in his Sicillan blood, as he is the third generation to be involved in the fish industry. “I remember when I was a little kid, my dad who was a local fisherman would  take me out on the boat and I would get awfully seasick but that didn’t deter me away from the industry,” he laughed.

With a colourful array of local seafood lining the display window such as salmon, garfish, flounder, snapper, silver whiting and flathead from the bay, it makes choosing a difficult decision! “My favourite are the fresh sardines and I highly recommend the oysters and prawns which are always popular for Christmas Day,” he said.

Anthony is used to the crazy festive rush which typically goes on hand with selling seafood at this time of year as he worked at the Victoria Market for 17 years. “It is expected to be very busy in between 4am-12pm on the days leading up to Christmas,” he explained.


With over 50 years of combined experience in the meat industry, “The Dry Aged Meat Co” take care to buy the best stock and deliver to high end restaurants such as Hotel Grand Chancellor in Melbourne’s CBD.

Christmas is just around the corner and employee, Mel Patridge is excited about the vast selection of stock which will be available. “There will be turkey buffets, porchetta (pork cooked), a range of lamb, pork and special small goods such as salami, pancetta and prosciutto. All which will be in an affordable price bracket, ” she said.

Mel absolutely loves the daily interaction with customers and offers a personalized experience to every person which walks through the door. “I have a fantastic boss, it’s a really relaxed atmosphere and the best part is how customers become friends,” she beamed.

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