• May 29, 2012

“On a Saturday afternoon Tuppen Street car park in Yarraville is filled with cars. People travel from Deer Park, Sunshine, Williamstown and afar to enjoy everything Cruickshank Park has to offer. The park has a real social vibe and it really warms my heart to see so many people enjoying the park”- Lola Anderson.

Local residents, Peter and Lola Anderson have developed Cruickshank Park (located between Somerville Road and Francis Street) into one of the Western Suburbs most popular attractions.  The land was once a quarry but over the years it has transformed into a social sanctuary and is a highly treasured park.

43 years ago Peter approached the Council (Ian Perry was the Mayor at the time) and suggested altering the quarry into a park. “I was told that the rocks were too close to the surface and that the park wouldn’t eventuate. This was just one of many challenges we faced,” he said. Due to the couple’s ongoing perseverance, Cruickshank Park officially opened in 1984 and was named after former mayor, George Cruickshank.

The council’s contribution and community involvement has helped shape Cruickshank Park into the popular attraction it is today.  “Cruickshank Park has evolved into something wonderful. We now have tennis courts, basketball courts and continue to improve the park by building more garden beds as well as play equipment which we are planning for the kids near the kinder in Clare Street,” Lola said.

Cruickshank Park is all about uniting the community. “There is a planting group for people who are disabled, BMX track for kids, fitness circuit and there used to be a dog club,” Peter said. Lola and Peter are involved in Friends Of Cruickshank Park which is a committee dedicated to the development of the park and they are currently planning National Tree Day, a community event which be held on the 29th July from 9.30am.

Peter and Lola cannot imagine ever leaving their home because Cruickshank Park is such a significant part of their lives. “It’s our home and it gives us both an incredible amount of pride to see so many people respecting the park and having fun. We feel the park has reached its full potential,” Lola said.

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