• March 26, 2014

Moving With The Times

When Simmers Hardware (Thrifty Link) in Williamstown first opened, the way to sell bolts and hammers according to the Owner of 22 years, Anthony, was all about leaving the customer to solely peruse on their own. “You used to open the doors in retail and that was it. Maybe the only choice in advertising was a local paper and letterbox drop but now we are living in a digital world and you have to balance how you market your business to other people. This is the most challenging aspect,” he said.

Anthony’s Secret to Success

1. “Making change and growth. My family business goes back four generations so it’s a long time and we’ve made massive changes in the past 10 years to our business so it’s no longer just a hardware store. The paint range has grown and there are more gas appliances than ever. We also have accommodation upstairs and we own a homeware shop called Interior.”

2. “Customer interaction is important and local community involvement. Williamstown is like a country town in the city. A lot of people in small business say the challenge is excessive. The challenges and new opportunities you can take on and control yourself are always exciting.”

3. “Innovation is integral. My favourite part of my business is the holiday accommodation situated upstairs. That’s the most enjoyable part as I’m dealing with people on holidays and it’s really nice. The gas appliances I also enjoy because there’s opportunity and growth.”

4. “Adaptability is my secret to success, moving and change. Identifying new opportunities and take them head on is what it’s all about. We have plenty of new opportunities for us to continue going forward.”

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